Brush up your English courses:
You can start the course at any time and complete it at your own pace so that it fits into your agenda.

Academic Writing:
You have your learning pace in hand: you can organize the time yourself during the three months in which you have access to the online exercises.
You will spend much of the course writing texts. This can be a bit of a shock, but ultimately helps you to successfully complete English writing assignments.

Teaching in English
This interactive program includes 4 online modules and two group lessons. Because there are also classroom sessions, this course cannot be completed at your own pace. The online modules serve to broaden your knowledge and prepare you for classroom sessions.

Business English for HR
This course consists of six modules, four of which are online. Online you will work independently, increasing your language skills and vocabulary. In the two group sessions, you work in pairs to improve your business English. Because there are also classroom sessions, there is a fixed schedule for this course. The students can already prepare online and do homework in advance.